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Get Hassle-Free Cancellation Coverage  

Choose the best travel protection package from Swift Cover for your vacation

Swift Cover Advantages

Minimal documentation

Enjoy the hassle-free claim process with minimal documentation

Trip cancellation protection

Enjoy our wide range of offerings and select the plan based on your requirements

Up to 100% protection

Get upto 100% protection of your holiday home bookings

International coverage included

International cancellation protection cover included across Europe

Submit your claim

Prepare all the documents required and complete the form to request reimbursement of your expenses.

After creating the request, you will receive a confirmation and we will review all the information provided. 

Subject to all information being provided as and when requested, you will receive the settlement of the claim after approximately 45 working days.

Fill in the form and upload documents 

Prepare all documents

Resolution of your claim

An original trip booking invoice/itinerary to confirm your booking date, travel details and policy cover. Please note, we cannot accept a boarding pass. 

A claim expert will process your claim and will be in contact with you.

Supporting evidence that substantiates the reason for your claim.


Sliding FAQ Accordion
Why are trip cancellation coverages important?

Almost 30% of the trips get cancelled because of unforeseen reasons. Hence, it is important to get the cancellation cover for your holiday home so that you can stay worry-free after booking your stay.

Can I make travel cancellation protection claim online?

Yes. It's quick and easy to submit a new claim online. Simply click on 'Submit your claim' button on the home page. Select the language in which your policy is written and complete the online form. Depending on the nature of your claim you will need to attach the following documents: 1. Proof of travel: An original trip booking invoice/itinerary to confirm your booking date, travel details and policy cover. Please note, we cannot accept a boarding pass. 2. Invoices and/or receipts: For the pre-paid charges being claimed as per your cover and additional costs being claimed Once the claim has been submitted you will receive an acknowledgment e-mail and further details.

I have recently submitted a claim. How can I check on its progress?

Please contact our claims teams for the updates at

I have a query regarding my cancellation protection cover.

Kindly email us at and get your queries resolved.

What is the limit for cancellation charge?

There are different excesses and limits for each different section and sub-section of travel cover, depending on the cover you have taken. The excesses and limits are mentioned in the cover documents.

Will I get all of my money back if I cancel my trip?

Booking cancellation cover can reimburse your prepaid non-refundable payments if the trip has to be cancelled for any of the reasons covered by your plan, up to the maximum allowable limit as stated on your cover documents.

Have questions or need some support to make a claim?

Write to us at and get your queries resolved.